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A truly mobile experience

Built from the ground up as a mobile application using cutting-edge mobile technology. X-Maps runs unmodified on desktop and mobile platforms.

Mobile and Desktop

X-Maps is the same app whether viewed on desktop, laptop or tablet.

Map Views

Define a set of your CRM objects by specifying map marker colors and filters, and plot them on the map. Save Map Views for recalling later. Share them with Everyone or with specific people.


With a Map View created, define Trips interactively by joining map points. Flexi-trips means drag trips points around to re-arrange their order.

Smart Geocoding

Smart Geocoding means never worry about geocoding again. Do you even know what geocoding means?


Draw circles, polygons, polylines on the map.


Click a button below to install X-Maps to Salesforce. Installation kicks off a 14-day no-obligation trial period.

Install to Production

Install to Sandbox

For techies: X-Maps achieves code separation by leveraging the power of the JavaScript MVC architecture pattern. By switching out data abstraction layers, the app is easily ported to other CRM platforms.

Technical Know-how
How to Add x-maps to salesforce1

I've installed X-Maps. How do I add it to Salesforce1?




In Salesforce go to Setup / Administer / Mobile Administration / Mobile Navigation and move X-Maps from Available to Selected.

Technologies Used

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